If you're dodging social events, it might be time to face the music: you could use help in the OTC hearing aid department.

What Are The Most Common Hearing Loss Symptoms?

"Wait, did you just say something or was that the TV?"

Ever get the feeling that everyone's taken up the hobby of mumbling? Or perhaps your radio and TV are conspiring to whisper sweet nothings? If you're dodging social events because you can't quite catch every word, it might be time to face the music: these are the most common hearing loss symptoms. Don't worry, you're not alone, and we're here to help! Try taking Soundwave's online hearing test; it is a hearing screening, and it will provide you with hearing loss feedback. I your hearing loss is in the mild to moderate category, Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids may be an excellent choice for you.